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Jul 28, 2019 | Mark Holmes | 1150 views
Information for novice, peewee and midget divisions, and regarding implementation of Rowan's Law Education for all divisions
The following is an email blast for those parents with players signed up, or planning to sign up to play hockey in Aylmer for the upcoming season.

Novice Division
As we are all aware, Hockey Canada has decided that players in the novice division will play half ice hockey for the upcoming season, until January 15th, when they will transition to full ice hockey. The AMHA intends to have a representative team in the novice division for the upcoming season. 

Because our numbers, at present, are not adequate enough to run two teams, there is the possibility that some 2012 aged players could be chosen to play either Novice Rep, or Novice LL. This will depend on the choices of the coaches during the evaluation skates in early September. If you have a participant who is a 2012 birth year and would like the opportunity to play in the novice division, they will need to attend novice rep tryouts which are posted on the home page. There is a non-refundable tryout fee for anyone attending tryouts. You cannot go on the ice without paying your fee prior to your child's first skate. Every player attending tryouts is entitled to three skates. Any 2012 aged players not selected to play Novice Rep or Novice LL, will return to the Minor Novice division (formally Tyke) and these teams will play half ice for the entire year.

Peewee Division
The AMHA recently voted to offer an A/E team in the peewee division for the upcoming season. This has traditionally been a competitive age group, and as such the goal is to provide those kids who are released from the peewee rep tryouts, but still want to play on a more competitive team, an opportunity to do so. Any individual wanting to have an opportunity to play Peewee A/E, will need to attend Peewee Rep tryouts in order to be evaluated by the Peewee Rep and Peewee A/E coaches. If, after all cuts are made by the Rep Coaches, there are too many kids wanting to play A/E, tryout skates will continue for the A/E team. Any player cut from the A/E team will have the opportunity to play Local League. This of course is a tentative plan, because offering an A/E team depends on the interest of our AMHA families. 

The AMHA will need to plan for the possibility of running an A/E team as the ice has to be reserved now. If you are planning on attending Peewee Rep/A/E tryouts in early September, please send a quick email to Shane Deutch indicating your intentions ([email protected]). 

Reminder: as per AMHA policy, all players attending tryouts have to pay a tryout fee which entitles them to a minimum of three skates.

Midget Division
The AMHA has been notified of some misconceptions regarding the Midget Rep divison. The AMHA was asked if Aylmer is not planning on holding a midget rep team, or that our kids will be heading to Belmont to play for the upcoming season, or the possibility that Belmont and Aylmer have agreed to have their Bantam players come to Aylmer and our Midget players move to Belmont.

Although discussions regarding co-operation between the AMHA and our close neighbours to the north have occurred, to date there are no concrete plans of any scenario occurring at this time. In addition, OMHA has not been able to approve a scenario which would benefit both centres. 

So, at this time, the AMHA will be going ahead with Midget Rep tryouts with the full intention of having a Midget Rep team in Aylmer. The AMHA is open to providing opportunities for players in other centres who do not have the numbers to field a competitive team, just as we did last year with players from West Lorne.  Players and families should know that, if there became a scenario where the AMHA did not have the numbers to field a rep team, that any player wishing to have an opportunity to play elsewhere, will have to attend ALL posted tryouts for the full duration of the ice times. This at least would allow the AMHA to hold discussions on the numbers and competitive level of that division, and ensure all options are exhausted. 

Should more information come to light, the AMHA will communicate promptly with our families to ensure they are fully informed.

All Divisions
Rowan's Law came into effect July 1st. This makes concussion education mandatory for all players, parents, volunteers, and members of a coaching staff.

The AMHA plans to post the necessary concussion education soon. There will be a declaration page, that can be signed to confirm you have taken the necessary education. AMHA plans to get on this asap, as a player is not supposed to play in any games, including exhibition games, until a signed declaration is completed. 

Stay tuned for the information to be posted.

On behalf of the AMHA, I thank you for taking the time to read this update.
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