Schedule & Results, A/E Tournament, 2018-2019 (Aylmer Minor Hockey)

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Friday, March 1, 2019
PreliminarA11:00 PMEECC-K Team Pending2-3Team Pending
PreliminarA22:00 PMEECC-K Team Pending5-2Team Pending
Pool BP13:00 PMEECC-K Team Pending5-3Team Pending
PreliminarA33:15 PMEECC-E Team Pending1-4Team Pending
Pool AP24:00 PMEECC-K Team Pending0-1Team Pending
PreliminarA44:15 PMEECC-E Team Pending4-1Team Pending
PreliminarB15:00 PMEECC-K Team Pending1-2Team Pending
PreliminarA55:15 PMEECC-E Team Pending4-3Team Pending
PreliminarB26:00 PMEECC-K Team Pending2-2Team Pending
Pool BP36:15 PMEECC-E Team Pending2-3Team Pending
PreliminarB37:00 PMEECC-K Team Pending0-6Team Pending
Pool AP128:00 PMEECC-K Team Pending7-3Team Pending
Saturday, March 2, 2019
PreliminarA68:15 AMEECC-E Team Pending1-1Team Pending
PreliminarA79:00 AMEECC-K Team Pending10-1Team Pending
PreliminarA89:15 AMEECC-E Team Pending1-1Team Pending
PreliminarA910:00 AMEECC-K Team Pending1-1Team Pending
PreliminarA1010:15 AMEECC-E Team Pending2-1Team Pending
Pool BP411:00 AMEECC-K Team Pending4-0Team Pending
Pool AP511:15 AMEECC-E Team Pending5-1Team Pending
Pool AP612:00 PMEECC-K Team Pending1-3Team Pending
PreliminarB412:15 PMEECC-E Team Pending2-2Team Pending
PreliminarB51:00 PMEECC-K Team Pending0-5Team Pending
Pool B1:15 PMEECC-E Team Pending2-3Team Pending
PreliminarB62:00 PMEECC-K Team Pending1-3Team Pending
PreliminarA113:00 PMEECC-K Team Pending3-1Team Pending
PreliminarA124:00 PMEECC-K Team Pending6-4Team Pending
PreliminarA134:45 PMEECC-E Team Pending5-5Team Pending
PreliminarA145:00 PMEECC-K Team Pending3-4Team Pending
PreliminarA155:45 PMEECC-E Team Pending5-0Team Pending
Pool BP66:00 PMEECC-K Team Pending1-1Team Pending
Pool AP86:45 PMEECC-E Team Pending4-0Team Pending
Pool A7:00 PMEECC-K Team Pending1-3Team Pending
Pool BP97:45 PMEECC-E Team Pending0-3Team Pending
PreliminarB78:00 PMEECC-K Team Pending6-2Team Pending
PreliminarB98:45 PMEECC-E Team Pending2-1Team Pending
PreliminarB89:00 PMEECC-K Team Pending0-4Team Pending
Sunday, March 3, 2019
Semi FinalP108:00 AMEECC-K Team Pending3-1Team Pending
Semi FinalA168:15 AMEECC-E Team Pending1-2Team Pending
Semi FinalP119:00 AMEECC-K Team Pending1-2Team Pending
Semi FinalA179:15 AMEECC-E Team Pending3-4Team Pending
Semi FinalB1010:00 AMEECC-K Team Pending1-2Team Pending
Semi FinalB1110:15 AMEECC-E Team Pending2-3Team Pending
FinalsP1212:15 PMEECC-E Team PendingTeam Pending
FinalsA181:15 PMEECC-E Team PendingTeam Pending
FinalsB122:15 PMEECC-E Team PendingTeam Pending
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