Schedule & Results, Year End Rep Tournament, 2018-2019 (Aylmer Minor Hockey)

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Thursday, March 21, 2019
N-PrelimN16:15 PMEECC-E Belmont Rangers9-2Delhi Rockets
A-PrelimA17:15 PMEECC-E Belmont Rangers3-2Lucan Irish
P-PrelimP18:00 PMEECC-K Waterford Wildcats2-4Hagersville
P-PrelimP28:15 PMEECC-E Norwich 3-1Aylmer Flames
B-PrelimB19:15 PMEECC-E Aylmer Flames5-2West Lorne Comets
Friday, March 22, 2019
A-PrelimA29:00 AMEECC-K West Lincoln Wrath (N)1-11Lambeth Lancers
A-PrelimA39:15 AMEECC-E Belmont Rangers0-1South Kent Lightning
N-PrelimN210:00 AMEECC-K Aylmer Flames1-4South Kent Lightning
A-PrelimA410:15 AMEECC-E West Lincoln Wrath2-2Lucan Irish
P-PrelimP311:00 AMEECC-K Goderich Sailors4-0South Kent Lightning
N-PrelimN311:15 AMEECC-E Georgian Shores 5-1Goderich Sailors
B-PrelimB212:00 PMEECC-K Huron Bruce 5-3Essa Eagles
B-PrelimB312:15 PMEECC-E Goderich Sailors4-2West Lincoln
B-PrelimB41:00 PMEECC-K Wasaga Beach Stars1-6East Lambton Eagles
B-PrelimB51:15 PMEECC-E Erin Hills 0-4Saugeen Shores
M-PrelimM12:00 PMEECC-K Newcastle 0-5Ayr Flames
M-PrelimM22:15 PMEECC-E Platsville Rage4-1Almaguin
M-PrelimM33:15 PMEECC-K Georgian Shores Lightning0-6Hanover Falcons
M-PrelimM43:30 PMEECC-E Goderich Sailors4-3Aylmer Flames
N-PrelimN44:15 PMEECC-K Georgian Shores 2-5Delhi Rockets
N-PrelimN54:30 PMEECC-E Aylmer Flames5-0Goderich Sailors
A-PrelimA55:15 PMEECC-K South Kent Lightning0-4West Lincoln Wrath
A-PrelimA65:30 PMEECC-E Aylmer Flames3-0Kincardine Kinucks
P-PrelimP46:15 PMEECC-K Waterford Wildcats0-3Aylmer Flames
P-PrelimP56:30 PMEECC-E Goderich Sailors0-0Hagersville
B-PrelimB67:15 PMEECC-K Aylmer Flames4-2Essa Eagles
B-PrelimB77:30 PMEECC-E Goderich Sailors1-1Saugeen Shores
B-PrelimB88:15 PMEECC-K West Lorne Comets2-6Huron Bruce
M-PrelimM58:30 PMEECC-E Hanover Falcons2-3Ayr Flames
M-PrelimM69:15 PMEECC-K Georgian Shores Lightning1-6Newcastle
M-PrelimM79:30 PMEECC-E Aylmer Flames5-5Platsville Rage
Saturday, March 23, 2019
N-PrelimN68:00 AMEECC-K Belmont Rangers7-0South Kent Lightning
N-PrelimN78:15 AMEECC-E Aylmer Flames1-6Delhi Rockets
A-PrelimA79:00 AMEECC-K Lucan Irish3-3South Kent Lightning
A-PrelimA89:15 AMEECC-E West Lincoln Wrath (N)0-4Kincardine Kinucks
A-PrelimA910:00 AMEECC-K West Lincoln Wrath1-3Belmont Rangers
A-PrelimA1010:15 AMEECC-E Aylmer Flames1-5Lambeth Lancers
P-PrelimP611:00 AMEECC-K Norwich 4-4South Kent Lightning
P-PrelimP711:15 AMEECC-E Goderich Sailors3-1Aylmer Flames
B-PrelimB912:00 PMEECC-K West Lincoln 2-7East Lambton Eagles
B-PrelimB1012:15 PMEECC-E West Lorne Comets7-4Essa Eagles
B-PrelimB111:00 PMEECC-K Erin Hills 0-3Wasaga Beach Stars
M-PrelimM81:15 PMEECC-E Goderich Sailors3-2Almaguin
M-PrelimM92:15 PMEECC-K Georgian Shores Lightning1-3Ayr Flames
M-PrelimM102:30 PMEECC-E Hanover Falcons0-2Newcastle
N-PrelimN83:15 PMEECC-K South Kent Lightning6-4Goderich Sailors
N-PrelimN93:30 PMEECC-E Belmont Rangers8-2Georgian Shores
A-PrelimA114:15 PMEECC-K Lambeth Lancers1-1Kincardine Kinucks
A-PrelimA124:30 PMEECC-E Aylmer Flames5-0West Lincoln Wrath (N)
P-PrelimP85:15 PMEECC-K South Kent Lightning6-1Hagersville
P-PrelimP95:30 PMEECC-E Norwich 2-4Waterford Wildcats
B-PrelimB126:15 PMEECC-K Huron Bruce 3-1Erin Hills
B-PrelimB136:30 PMEECC-E Saugeen Shores 6-2West Lincoln
B-PrelimB147:30 PMEECC-K Wasaga Beach Stars2-1Aylmer Flames
B-PrelimB157:45 PMEECC-E East Lambton Eagles2-3Goderich Sailors
M-PrelimM118:30 PMEECC-K Aylmer Flames3-2Almaguin
M-PrelimM128:45 PMEECC-E Goderich Sailors1-2Platsville Rage
Sunday, March 24, 2019
NSN118:00 AMEECC-K South Kent Lightning6-1Delhi Rockets
NSN108:15 AMEECC-E Aylmer Flames0-5Belmont Rangers
ASFA149:00 AMEECC-K Aylmer Flames2-0Belmont Rangers
ASFA139:15 AMEECC-E West Lincoln Wrath2-6Lambeth Lancers
PSFP1010:00 AMEECC-K South Kent Lightning0-1Hagersville
PSFP1110:15 AMEECC-K Norwich 1-9Goderich Sailors
BSFB1611:15 AMEECC-K Goderich Sailors1-2Saugeen Shores
BSFB1711:30 AMEECC-E East Lambton Eagles3-1Huron Bruce
MSFM1312:30 PMEECC-K Newcastle 2-1Platsville Rage
MSFM1412:45 PMEECC-E Goderich Sailors1-0Ayr Flames
AFA141:45 PMEECC-K Aylmer Flames1-2Lambeth Lancers
NFN122:00 PMEECC-E South Kent Lightning3-7Belmont Rangers
PFP123:15 PMEECC-E Hagersville 1-2Goderich Sailors
BFB184:30 PMEECC-E Saugeen Shores 1-3East Lambton Eagles
MFM156:00 PMEECC-E Goderich Sailors1-3Newcastle
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