General Information, Aylmer U9 Tournament (Aylmer Minor Hockey Association)

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All teams need to sign in before every game with tournament staff at the registration table. Tournament registration table is found upstairs at the East Elgin Community Complex.

1.       This is an OMHA sanctioned tournament. All OMHA rules and regulations will apply to tournament games, this includes but is not exclusive to all OMHA teams wearing neck guards and mouth guards.  If players are not wearing these items they will be asked to leave the game until they have these items. 

Coaches should report to the arena at least 45 minutes before all games in order to sign in and verify rosters.  All teams must have their player’s official approved team roster and permit to the convener before they are allowed to take the ice. 

3. 3. All teams must be at the arena 45 minutes before game times and be ready to go on the ice 15 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of the game. Inability to be on the ice on time will mean automatic forfeit of the game. Team officials must complete the game sheet no later than 15 minutes prior to game time

 Game Lengths :

· Round Robin – 10-10-10 minute periods; no overtime

· Semi-Finals – 10-10-10 minute periods; overtime as per rule #15

· Finals – 10-10-12 minute periods; overtime as per rule #15

Each team will be permitted one 30 second timeout in each game.

Teams will be guaranteed a minimum of 3 games.

7. All teams who have home and away jerseys. Home will wear light and visitors will wear dark.  If Teams only have one set of Jersey’s please talk to the coaches of the other team to arrange Jersey colors. 

In 5 Team Divisions: There will be 1 pool of 5 teams; Each team will play all of the other 4 teams guaranteeing these teams 4 games. Due to this, the top two teams will go to finals and there will be no semifinals. 

 In 6 Team Divisions: There will be 2 pools of 3 teams; each team will play a 3-games against the other teams in the other pool.  The top four teams will advance to the semi-finals and winners of those games will advance to the finals.

   In all round robin games if a team is ahead by 5 or more goals then it will be ‘straight time’ until such time that the score gap is reduced to 4 goals, at which time the clock will revert back to stop time.  For all round Robin games there will be a curfew of 50 minutes. 

  2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss will be awarded. Forfeited games will be recorded as a 1-0 score.

Teams will be placed for semifinals upon points obtained during round robin play.

Tie breakers for seeding teams after round robin play:

i.                     Head to Head Result

ii.                    Least goals against

iii.                  Highest goals for minus goals against in all round robin games

iv.                  Least total penalty minutes in round robin play

v.                    Fastest opening goal scored during round robin games of each team’s first game

vi.                 Coin toss


17.  14.  No protests will be accepted. All decisions made by the tournament committee are FINAL.

15. Any major penalty will be according to OMHA rules.

Abuse of players, other coaching staff, officials, or tournament officials will not be tolerated and will result in the person and/or persons of the team being ejected from the tournament without refund. This includes abuse by players, coaches, or parents.

Overtime for finals and semi-finals is sudden victory, 5 minutes with 4 on 4 with goalies. If score remains tied after the 5 minutes the game will continue 3 on 3 with goalies until there is a winner. If during the 3 on 3 a penalty is called, the non offending team will add a fourth player (4 on 3). When the penalty is over the offending player will come on ice (4 on 4) until the next whistle and then resume 3 on 3.

Although this is a tournament, the main goal is to have fun.